Review: 2017-03-24

Placebo Space, Toronto - "The Music Of Kenny Wheeler" The Dennis Kwok Jazz Orchestra

From the first few exuberant bars it was clear that despite the youth of some, musicians this is an authentic and passionate collaboration between people who know each other well. Individual musicianship in terms of rythmic, melodic and harmonic contributions (and virtuoso solos) were top-notch, setting this band apart from the crowd. Arrangements, and the overall sound, were quite simply brilliant and a lot of fun to listen to.

Review by Richard Ebbs, Etobicoke.

Review: 2018-02-12

"Windward Bound" World Premiere - The Dennis Kwok Jazz Orchestra

Solid original writing, and very accomplished playing on many instruments! I never felt like you were writing gratuitously for all your woodwinds. The textures and colours were appropriate for each movement. Each one expressed the tone and idea you were endeavoring to create musically. Well done!

Review by Colleen Allen, Toronto.

kenny wheeler manuscript

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